The Effects of Computers and the Internet Era on Sports Gambling

By Iron Mike 

How computers have hurt the Wise guy.

Ah, the good old computer. The computer has helped so many people, from businesses getting more organized and functioning more efficiently, to helping the indvidual communicate at a super fast pace. Bottom line, the internet continues to be the way of the future for almost every industry, not just the sports gambling world.

It certainly has changed the lives for so many people in sports betting and sports handicapping. But the internet has just about destroyed the sharp sports gambler. Back in the early 1990’s, not many local book makers had a computer. The local Bookie would subscribe to a line service. They would call to get their opening lines and then call every 5 to 10 minutes to receive line updates.

The connection to the Line Service
Fourtnely for me, I was introduced to the lovely computer in the mid 90’s. I wanted nothing to do with it, until “The Man” introduced me to the Don Best Line Service. It would change my life in the sports gaming world. I was light years ahead of everyone else. Even the locals from the Big Apple (NYC) were way behind. By being connected to the Don Best Line Service I was able to get the updated lines faster than almost everyone else. I even had people paying me for my information. Soon, I was cut off from everyyone I was betting through.
The connection to the Order Plays
But wait, it only got better, because I started getting my updates from our connection, who beat the Don Best Line Service by about 2 minutes. Now think about it, not only was the move to use the computer helpful, but now I was getting the Order Plays first hand. For those of you squares, who don’t know what the Order Plays are, they are the games that the huge syndicates would be betting. I was playing games, for example, + 8 and the games were closing at + 5 1/2. Not only were we winning our steam plays but we were catching huge middles . But as always, good things must come to a end. As the years wore on, people got more adept to computers and now people can get updated lines on numerous sports gambling web sites for free by having access to the internet.

What now
I still, on occasion, will beat the house to the move, but the value has dropped significantly on these games. And, I still see handicappers telling people to play the line move but it will never be like it was 15 years ago. The evolution of the internet allows everyone to access these resource tools needed to win in sports betting.
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