Basketball Betting for All Ages

college-basketball1Basketball betting is an aspect of sports wagering that is dependent on several different factors that help determine the outcome when betting on basketball. Most importantly, basketball betting requires an understanding of what the odds are and how they are set. Also playing an extremely important role in basketball betting is the number of games that a team is forced to play back to back.

When the basketball betting line is set by the odds maker his principal purpose is to generate the same amount of money bet on each side of the game. The basketball betting line set by the odds maker is referred to as the points or odds that determine the conditions under which the wager is placed. The line used most often for basketball betting is the pointspread. When using a pointspread to bet on basketball, additonal points are either subtracted from the favorite team or added to the underdog. Generally, when a pointspread for basketball betting is set the home team is listed in all capital letters, and the favorite team is printed on the left side with the pointspread in the middle.

Directly affecting the basketball betting pointspread are games that are played back to back. When a team is forced to play two back to back games while traveling on the road there is an enormous decline in the performance of the players in the second game. Even if a team does win the second game in a back to back series, chances are that they will not cover the basketball betting pointspread set by the odds makers.

This is due to the fact that most basketball betting odds makers take the back to back factor into consideration when setting the pointspread.

basketball-bettingWhen betting on basketball there are several different factors that must be taken into account. While the two most important basketball betting factors are the pointspread and the role of back to back games, there are an infinite amount of other elements to consider. The bettor who is able to discern the factors that an odds maker overlooks will be victorious when betting on basketball.

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Time to find a better way to start the season

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) – With awards season upon us, I thought a good metaphor would be this: Winners-only tournaments are the golf equivalent of Oscar goodie bags.

I like Members Only jackets better.

How’s this for an idea? Let’s gather together the most successful among us, somewhere where the weather’s warm and everyone’s tan, and offer them more money and more prizes.

No thanks.

Geoff Ogilvy won the Mercedes-Benz Championship on Sunday, taking home $1.12 million for beating 32 other players in the PGA Tour’s season-opener in Hawaii. The event is reserved for the previous year’s winners.

Now, you’re going to tell me that just because a player won a tournament doesn’t mean they are among the most successful golfers in the world or undeserving of additional perks.

After all, the field at Kapalua included Mark Turnesa and Ryan Palmer and Greg Kraft and Parker McLachlin.

You’ll say that just because so-and-so earned an Oscar nod for playing the hooker with a heart of gold, or the English widow with a heart of gold, or whoever, doesn’t mean she is a highly-paid actress undeserving of a bag full of expensive gifts.

Fiddlesticks, the bishop would say. Guess what? I don’t care.

There are already so many exclusive tournaments in golf, beginning with the four majors and the ultra-lucrative World Golf Championships, do we really need to start the season with such a small event?

Sometimes, the players we want to see the most don’t show up anyway. Consider that the Mercedes-Benz Championship was missing the top four players in the world rankings — Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson and Padraig Harrington — who were all winners last year.

Vijay Singh, the world No. 5, was the top-ranked player in the field, but Vijay shows up everywhere. He’s like the guy you knew in high school who would sit anywhere in the cafeteria.

The tournament, like every one since the U.S. Open, lost Woods due to an injury. Usually, though, when a top player decides not to make the flight to Hawaii, it’s because he doesn’t feel like it, plain and simple. Woods hasn’t shown up in Hawaii since 2005.

As for those second- and third-tier players who win to make the field, the ones who always seem to show up at Kapalua? They rarely title in the season- opener.

Excluding Daniel Chopra’s victory last year, all of this century’s Mercedes Benz Championships have been won by stars: Ogilvy, Singh (2007), Stuart Appleby (2004-06), Ernie Els (2003), Garcia (2002), Jim Furyk (2001) and Woods (2000).

The rich are getting richer off this tournament — when they show up, anyway. And the biggest reason they show up, when they do, is the riches. It’s time to open it up to everyone else.

Me? I mark next week’s Sony Open, also in Hawaii, as the real start of the PGA Tour season. A hundred and forty players and a cut line. That’s more like it.

Boldin misses practice Thursday, will be a game-time decision

Tempe, AZ (Sports Network) – Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin missed practice again Thursday with a strained hamstring, leaving his status for Saturday’s playoff game against Carolina a game-time decision.

Boldin, who suffered the injury this past Saturday during Arizona’s win over Atlanta in an NFC wild card contest, has not practiced all week, though he said earlier in the week he would still be prepared to play if he’s able.

On Saturday, the Cardinals travel to Charlotte for an NFC Divisional playoff matchup with the Panthers.

Boldin had already missed the final two regular-season contests because of a shoulder injury, but still had 89 receptions for 1,038 yards and 11 touchdowns in 12 games, earning his third career Pro Bowl selection.