History of the Basketball

basketballAlthough sports are often easy to trace back in history due to their ancestral heritage, some others can be considered an invention of the modern times and Basketball is one of those sports which history began in the late 19th century.

Basketball was coined in Springfield, Massachusetts, place where it was invented on 1891 after Dr. James Naismith, instructor of the YMCA International Training School thought of a game to keep the students indoors during the cold winter days but still active practicing some sport that invigorates them rather than the predictable and boring exercises they were condemned to practice during those days.

Naismith wrote several rules and ideas before the game was accepted because of indoors gymnasiums were not suitable for his former idea. In December 1891, he finally came up with the game that originally consisted of nine members per team and two baskets in the top of a wood pole and based in 13 rules, although the number of players was declined and the teams were reduced to seven players.

In the basketball game, the team that gets more points within that time of the match will be deemed the winner. The first basketball game held after the rules were written occurred on January 20, 1892 the gym of the Springfield College. In 1893 first female basketball match was played in the United States and in 1897, the number of players was regulated again, this time to 5 members per team.

In 1898, the National Basketball League (NBA) was the first professional league established. Basketball was introducing as an exhibition sport during the Olympic Games of the early 20th century, but due to its rapid success it was granted with Olympic level in 1936. The most famous basketball team in the world, The Harlem Globetrotters was founded in 1927, while the first intercollegiate game was held at the Madison Square Garden in New York on 1934.

Originally, the basketball shots did not differ from 2 and 3 points as nowadays, but the triple line was approved in America on 1933, and it was fully established in 1968 by the NBA League of USA. The popularity of basketball has grown enormously around the world and there are 125 national basketball federations only in the United States.

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