Vexing Rise in Oblique Injuries, and Little Explanation

Nearly everyone has four of them — broad flat muscles, known as obliques, that attach the rib cageEvan Longoria and the pelvis on each side of the body and, until recently, have not really been part of the sports lexicon.

But now they are. The muscles are particularly important to baseball players, who use them to rotate their bodies as hard as possible to throw a ball and swing a bat, and increasingly those muscles are being injured and putting players like Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria on the disabled list.

Why this is happening is not really clear, but happening it is. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ head trainer, Stan Conte, was so intrigued that he stayed up through the night last week going line by line through a list he has assembled of the roughly 7,000 players who have gone on the disabled list since 1991. Continue reading