Online Sportsbook Betting Tips

If you are like me, you don’t bet just for the sake of betting. Some say that they do it to add some spice to the game; yet, even when it’s true that betting does bring back that long lost spark of excitement, I know I want to win.

If you’re looking to bet for the sake of whatever reason except winning, this article isn’t for you. Don’t take it the wrong way, you have every right to enjoy betting just to add a kick to the match you’ll be watching, but this article is intended for those who actually care about winning constantly and are willing to put some time into analyzing variables.

Some call them strategies while others call them tips, but in the end it doesn’t matter how you call them, these are simply ways you can improve your odds when betting in online sportsbooks.

If you follow these guidelines, you can be sure, absolutely sure that you will have at least taken the right steps towards winning. I mean, I can’t guarantee you’ll win every time, but at least you’ll be winning more often than not (hopefully, unless you screw up).

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Best 10 Sportsbooks at Market

Written by Karol

3824198834_46a8f5e9e4Inside the gambling industry you can find million of sportsbooks, but if you are new in this, you most study every option and take the best decision. There are many things to take on count when we are trying to find out which sportsbook is the best.

Let’s say that the payment methods are very important, they will make easy everything related to paying or receiving money form the book, another important detail related to these methods is the financial status of the sportsbook. You must take care of where are you placing your bets because no one wants to give money to an indebted sportsbook right?

The bonuses are very important, and now that we are taking about it, it is really important that you take some time to visit forums, and debate pages to know a little bit about it because many sportsbooks used to cheat on you with bonuses.

There are many important things that you need to take a look before choosing the sportsbook; however, doing a special selection and based on my personal opinion, I made a list of the best 10 sportsbooks. Of course I take on count the rating and opinions from forums and more.

  • William Hill
  • SBG Global
  • Bet 365
  • Pinnacle Sports
  • Marathonbet
  • The Greek
  • Bet Victor
  • Bwin
  • 888 sport
  • Jazz Sports

These sportsbooks are one of the amounts categorized as the best ones. Maybe because of the services that they give, the customer service, it also can be because they are reliable, or because they payment methods are exactly what you are looking for.

I don’t know there can be many reasons; the important thing here is that you can choose wisely and a good beginning is determining the most known sportsbooks.

Also a good sportsbook will depend on your needs, what kind of sportsbook do you want? The answer of this question can mark a big difference in “the list” of the best ones.

Remember than options will constantly change, and you as bettor need to decide what is better for you. Surf around the web, ask others, and find out the reality of the sportsbooks. This is the only way to determine which one is the best.

Choose Wisely!

Extreme sports passion.


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Sports Betting Celebrities.


Celebrities now how to party and spend a lot of money in things that may never now how to use, not even ware or just buy it because they thought it was funny and put it in the trash the next day and throw great amount in parties, ladies, cars, and so many things that you can not even write about, but also they love sports betting, they love to have the sensation of making outrages bets in anything they can think of with way to many cash on hands that sometimes they loose or sometimes making them ever more richer, so lets see some examples of this celebrities that have won a lot of cash and those who also lost a lot of cash on sport betting. Continue reading

Online Live Casinos Vs. Traditional Online Casinos

Technology is an amusing thing, especially when considering the amount of time that has been required for it to change the world.

Every time a new invention has been completed, it accelerates the speed at which new ones come into existence; and from the moment the Internet was officially adopted by the general population (late 80’s – early 90’s) technology has evolved at an alarming rate.

As things continued to evolve, casinos and sportsbooks weren’t the exception. With this new world of possibilities wide open, they took the initiative to try and conquer the web; well, right after porn since pornography has been and will continue to be the top pioneer for new technologies. And just like that, online casinos and sportsbooks emerged.


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Ravens: What’s going on?

Written by Karol

1ravensMaybe you are one of those fans who bet and made use of the price per head services in favor of Ravens and right now you want to hit your head against a wall because the development that this team has had is terrible, or at least not what all of us were waiting or expecting.

What’s going on Ravens? Last year, bets at price per head services in favor of Ravens were full; many fans change their teams to bet for Ravens. But right now even Terrell Suggs has declared “Ravens in a ‘State of Emergency’” .

Offensive Line? Running Back Lines? The quarterback? Problem is everywhere; we cannot pretend that if a line inside a team is not working very well, the other ones will be fine. In fact, we have saw that Offensive Line is not doing the best, they can do so much. At least Ravens already recognized that they are having a big problem on the field, first step on solving problems: Ready!

However, just first step is not enough. Opposing teams know that Ravens have problems, and they also know that the biggest difficulty that Ravens have is at wide receiver. So it is easy for opposing teams to create strategies to attack through the wide receiver and stop any try of running.

Should I still betting in favor of Ravens? Or Maybe I should make use of price per head services with the opposing team?

It is kind of weird, you know? Ravens fans and I’m sure the same team too, used to saw some specifically teams as rivals but they knew they would win, there was not much to fear. Currently, every team is a big and potent rival, team and fans have much to fear.

Actually, “Ravens week” was a completely fail for the team; it is not what it used to be. This match against the Steelers used to be one of the most waited for Ravens’ fans and it became one of the most feared. It is worth to say that Steelers are the biggest and heated rivals of all the times.

At price per head services you most think very well which will be your next movement. I still have faith for Ravens…

I mean, they are the Ravens! They have amazing players; they are the last Super Bowl winners. They need to recover what they are.

My bet at Price per Head services will wait for Ravens. They have a bye week right now, and I’m sure they will come back at week 9 with a different development and showing what they really are.

Betting on current or past players?


Written by Karol

dunk-mj-kob-32The pervasive news and report about Michael Jordan comparing his ability to win over some players face to face has taken almost the entire media: social media, newspapers, TV shows, important ads and more.

And if you study a little bit what every player said you can realize that the best players have been taken the best movements and strategies from the past players. After a big discussion between some guys about it, an important thought crossed my mind: If I am one of those sports betting lover and I bet for a player, I’m betting not only for him, I will be betting for his past players.

(When I say past players, I want to make mention of those great players who have been taking as idols or mentors by the new or current players.)

Based on that premise: should we now about the mentors and Idols of a player if we want to place wagers on sports betting over him?

It is so common, I mean, if you are a singer you will be inspired by some older and best singers. If you play an instrument you will have a musician to follow. If you like sports betting, you will look for the place in which the best bettors bet… And if you are a sports player you will learn from the best players.

Someone often said to me: “Try to be the best, so you will be a good role model and people can learn the best from you”. I guess that’s what all the people put in practice. All of us want to learn from the best singer, player, student, employee, person that we know.

It is the case from Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. What’s around the web sounds like an adverse action (to learn from other players), and those guys are tattling more than what they should to defend their selves. However, I think it is completely common, the only thing in which I stop to think about is how important or how many influence do the “past players” might have talking about sports betting.

In fact, Michael Jordan must feel proud of his self, not everyone will take you as a role model. Even more, if he had mentors, from who his took many of his movements to be the best NBA player (Mentors as David Thompson, Dr. J and Jerry West).

Past players can have some important influence when we are taking about the NBA Draft, why? Because many young players will be on the “learning process”, in which you can see many of the “past players” movements and related. In these cases is when at sports betting, you most study the past players to bet for the current ones.

At the end, I think all the “past” players have some responsibility over the current players. New players will be formed with the movements, technics and strategies from the best past players, such as M.J. and the most smart decision talking about sports betting is to study very well every root of the players so, we can take a wisely choose.