Don’t fall for Online Sportsbooks Odds

If you have been guiding yourself on the odds offered by online sportsbooks to place your bets, you’ve been doing things the wrong way.

Reality is that online sportsbooks don’t calculate the odds they offer based only on the probability a certain result has of happening.

Online sportsbooks take into account the probabilities of both sides of the bet when determining odds, but when the opportunity allows taking Continue reading


Hard Decisions Everywhere

Written by Karol

istock_decision-cubeThis week I was talking with a child who was having a problem, he told me that he was sad because he bet a “hair cut” if he lose the game (he plays soccer at school) and unfortunately he lost. The kid told me that he was scary at the beginning because he loves his hair but just by an impulse he said yes.

This gave me a reason to think: Hell! Since we are kids we have hard moments thanks to “decisions”; and after a while of circling in my head with all the decisions that we can take, I realize that Sports betting have many hard decisions! Continue reading

The online sportsbook life.

liferiskLife has way to many turns, detours, exits and entrances where you can learn and see new things but the only way of doing that its by taken good and bad and mix it all together so can get a good experience in life, and its pretty much the same with the online sportsbook life, you make good and bad decisions to learn and to grow and to get all the experience you need to be good at it and enjoy the ride. Continue reading

Jazz Sports Bonuses

Jazz Sports is an online casino and sportsbook that has been in business for over 13 years now. This casino and sportsbook is part of the ABC Islands group, company which owns Loose Lines and Jazz Sports among other gambling related businesses.

Jazz Sports

It’s a company that has a solid, good reputation among gamblers – there’s a few players who will make big fuzz out of something which the company has no fault, didn’t do or was a one mistake that rarely happens, and go from one place to another saying bad things; just like with any other sportsbook – and it’s definitely worthwhile as one of your gambling venues.

If you’re considering the bonuses they offer as a main attraction to add them to your list of sportsbooks where you bet, it’s a good option. They may not offer amazing deals, but their bonuses conditions allow you to have better chances of taking proper advantage of these compared to those offered by other bookies.

Among these bonuses you will find: Continue reading

Sports Betting: an Unusual Job

Written by Karol

1337693812_88Do you know people who work doing sports betting?

Sports betting are not the dreamed work of everyone; in fact many people find sports betting by mistake or as a fast solution to their lives.

Let’s see it from different perspectives… Continue reading

Jazz Casino & Sportsbook Review.

mq1Millions of customers are enjoying the great bets opportunities their favorite sportsbook are providing to them and for so many years, people are getting all the action they want only provided by the best on the industry and Jazz Casino & Sportsbook its one of the most competitive sportsbooks in the industry, with a great variety of bet options and different bets types you can enjoy, great bonuses and benefits for their clients on all the major sports in the world Continue reading

Sports Betting Action: Will Ever End.

keep-calm-and-take-some-actionSports betting fans across the world wager millions, better billions of dollars every single year, supporting their favorite teams and of course making lots of money out for personal gain in every single sports event, and it doesn’t matter what sport you love, can be baseball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis or horse racing they will continue taking the sport betting action they love and feel passion about it, and even if there’s risk involve, they will always put the stakes high hoping for the best outcome and make profit while they are having the additional fun sports betting always brings to the fans. Continue reading