Why is it named Price per Head?

Written by Karol

price-per-head-call-centersPrice per head is a big world that many of us already know, but there is a considerable amount of people and agents who doesn’t know what Price per head is.

This isn’t a weird trend; it is a service that will give you many advantages over your business and many agents have proved it and they are currently enjoying of the sports betting business. Continue reading


Five Options to Enjoy at Looselines

Written by Karol

CapturaLooselines is a sportsbook which at the same time is part of a big gambling and sports betting family, from which we might have listened about Jazz Sports, ABC islands or ABC per head.

As a family, this big business has their own rules and they are based mostly on giving the best and quality service to their clients. This sportsbook has adequate the new trends and every option to satisfy bettors and of course this way of work let them win more clients over their business. Continue reading

Five Advantages of Price per Head

Written by Karol

content-picPrice per head is one of the most amazing services that Books have created; it is like the hand that agents are looking for to grow up, to enhance their business in a healthy way, and when I say “Healthy way” I’m talking about doing it without catching debts, or taking “bad” money from “bad” people.

With Price per Head the only thing that you need to do is to pay a fee, maybe monthly or by year it depends of the agreement between you and the book. But between a fee and a loan, I prefer a fee because personally, I hate loans and debts. Continue reading

The Best Adrenaline Experience at Online Sportsbooks

Written by Karol

guys-night-watching-gamesIn determinate moment of our lives we need to be realistic, to put the feet on the floor and accept that we are not good enough playing that sports which fills our body of adrenaline.

What can we do? What can you do to feel this dose of adrenaline again?

I’m expecting that you are not good at sports (at all), if are good… ok maybe it is not the best article for you, but you can find out another way to enjoy from sports with playing it. Continue reading