Online Sportsbooks Survival

As gamblers we are constantly exposed to various online sportsbooks which are looking for ways to win our business; however, as online sportsbooks continue to reproduce at a pace faster than rabbits on ecstasy, we need to be careful to whom we trust with our money and time.

Since we have to be careful of existing online sportsbooks which are known to have scammed players in the past, and of new online sportsbooks – which may be legit or not – and because Google still manages to display some not so trustworthy results among the first positions when searching for online sportsbooks (not their fault, but they can’t know which books have shady pasts), we need to be on survival mode.

However, one of the basic principles of successful sports-betting is using multiple sportsbooks in order to take advantages of changes in odds and lines. Continue reading


Horse Racing – A Practice Bound to Die?

Horse racing has been among the most important events for gamblers since the nineteenth century. Way before sportsbooks and casinos came and took over most of the market horse racing was the way that gamblers enjoyed spending their free time.

It used to be not only an event for gamblers to gather and place their bets, but entertainment for the entire family.

However Continue reading

Why Online Sportsbooks are Better Than Brick-and-mortar Ones

Which are better, online sportsbooks or brick-and-mortar ones?

There are various opinions, and even when everyone is entitled to one, that doesn’t answer the question.

In order to finally come with an answer to the previous question, we will be formulating and answering another one.

Which possible advantages and disadvantages do online sportsbooks have in contrast to tangible venues that offer the same services? Continue reading

Horse betting is entertainment for the whole family


Horse racing is fun for the entire family, especially when you’re rooting for a particular horse because you have money on the results. Well, at least that’s how it used to be in the good ol’ days. Parents or grandparents would take the children to the horse tracks when they wanted to go bet and kids would also get a bit of the rush since they were cheering for the same horse as their tutors.

Thinking about it, maybe prohibiting children in the horse tracks might not have been such a bad idea; otherwise we’d there would be way too many gamblers. Continue reading

Best Sports to Bet on at Online Sportsbooks

Many gamblers who are into sports-betting tend to bet only on those events which they enjoy watching. Although it is kind of a smart decision – considering they should be more informed about the different factors they need to take into consideration to place a smart bet – there are certain problems with this approach; first of all, if you’re looking to win more constantly, the best approach is to select various sports (between two and five with a sufficient amount of gamblers that constantly bet on those events) and be on top of them while betting only when probability is on your side (and that has to be much better than a 51%, around 56% or more).

Then you have the issue of Continue reading

Sports Events and Pay per Head

Written by Karol

photo-on-9-13-12-at-11-22-am-5Inside the sports world we can find many events such as championships, games, playoffs and more. For bettors it is easy to place a bet during these important events, but what about the ones who take all the bets?

If you are an agent, I’m pretty sure that you know about the tension and what big and important sports events mean. Isn’t it? Continue reading

AFC Championship – New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos.

broncos-patriotsNew England Patriots will be on the road to the AFC Championship the Denver Broncos at he Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver Colorado, the Patriots will face the Broncos at their home and the field advantage its on their hands, but this only part of the challenge, two of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL the battle of their conference Continue reading