AFC Championship – New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos.

broncos-patriotsNew England Patriots will be on the road to the AFC Championship the Denver Broncos at he Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver Colorado, the Patriots will face the Broncos at their home and the field advantage its on their hands, but this only part of the challenge, two of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL the battle of their conference, providing the edge all sports betting fans and enthusiast are waiting for, not only for the Conference Championship title but for the spot, the chance and the golden ticket to get their hands on the NFL Super Bowl 48th 2014 trophy that its part of the great success of this great teams. The AFC championship game will be televised by CBS, on Saturday, January 19th , at 3pm ET, so you better get your numbers ready before you get to your favorite sports betting site.

 This is going to be the 15th game the two legendary and great NFL quarterbacks in the history are going to face each other and yes, we are talking about the not so popular Patriots Tom Brady and the one everyone its been talking about all year in the different media sources, Peyton Manning who its been by far the best quarterback of the NFL season 2013 – 2014, but still Brady has come to far in history, and this game its going to bring out the best of the best from both of them.

 Aside from the this great quarterback, both teams have great players that will bring the best to the table and battle to become the best of team of the conference but also to get the ticket for the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2nd 2014 at the MetLIfe Stadium in New Jersey.

Denver Broncos v New England Patriots Offensively the Broncos have more ground cover over the Patriots, according to the NFL game center offensive comparison chart, Denver has more yards per game than the Patriots (457.3 againts 384.5), and more passing yards per game (340.2 vs 255.4), but the Patriots have more rushing yards that Denver (129.1 to 117.1). Even if the Broncos have an offensive advantage according to the chart, the Patriots have shown that they have what it takes to give a great battle and will not give it that easy to the Broncos.

 But on the other hand, New England has a better defensive strategies than Denver, the Patriots have the advantage by allowing less passing yards and less points per game that the Broncos, and knowing the two great teams and their quarterbacks they are going to bring out the heavy weapons to be the ones that holds the Conference Championship but also the golden ticket to the Super Bowl.

 This game its going to be a hard one for both teams, and they are going to bring the best action in the sports betting planet.

By Andrew Smith


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