NFL Prospects 2014 – Top Performers of the Scouting Combine.


With all the action from the drill and testing events over already, there are many things to consider about the best prospects and top performers of the different positions Continue reading


Sports Betting Can be a Good Investment

Sports betting is often perceived as something negative, however, this started during the early nineteen hundreds when people with power started manipulating the industry. During these times mobsters and high-rollers were able to control everything, from sportsbooks to game results, and thus, sports betting became a practice associated with crime and negative aspects of society.

Nevertheless, sports betting isn’t bad at all – as long as you become an addict or bet through a shady character who might break your legs for a late payment – contrary to popular belief, if handled correctly, betting on sports can be a very smart way to invest your money.

Many people believe that Continue reading

Best Months To Bet In Online Sportsbooks

As with sports, betting on sports has its seasons. It may not work exactly the same as an individual sport, but online sportsbooks have months when the amount of bets are soaring, and there are some when the bets seem to have hit rock bottom. This tends to happen due to special events and certain sports seasons schedule, and it’s during these moments that odds and lines tend to move more dynamically than in other moments.

Now, why would this matter to you?

In the end, you Continue reading

Sports Betting Has its Ups and Downs

Ah, that beautiful thing we call sports-betting.

By engaging in sports betting we experience pleasure, excitement, joy, hope and happiness; yet, we also fall into despair, cry, curse everything around us – including that 90 year old lady in the apartment building that always offers us a snack – and ultimately, it makes us feel like we’ve gotten so far down the rabbit hole that all that’s left is to continue falling.

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