Sports Betting Systems – Do These Work?

Although we all know that a vast amount of variables must be taken into account in order to win when betting, as well as the ability to perceive an attractive bet (ability attained through experience gambling), we want to believe that sport betting systems can work.

Even if these take into account several factors, these Continue reading


What Has Happened To Betting On Boxing, Wrestling and Other Fighting Sports?

Sports betting is one of the few guilty pleasures where we can combine two beloved thing (sports and money) and end up profiting from it; notice I say guilty pleasures, so, any profession which you can do without feeling cohibited by society while feeling satisfaction and making a profit, doesn’t count.

In any case, although this isn’t an article about sports betting per se, this practice is a key component of the article as well.

A few decades ago – even before that – boxing was a very attractive business for bookmakers since people wanted to bet on these events, but what happened to change this?

Actually, as with many other sports, combat sports became Continue reading

The Hottest Card Games.


Everyone loves to play cards and this is not a lie, if you are with your friends this is a great activity to spend time and have a lot of fun Continue reading

Jazz Sports Bonuses Loophole for Sports Betting Advantage

We all love free stuff, and because we are gamblers we love it when a sportsbook offers us a good bonus, right?

Well, today I will tell you about a small loophole I found on a sportsbook called Jazz Sports.

Some of you may know about it, others may not.

Jazz Sports has been on the Internet for a long time now (since 1996), and even longer on the offline world, but because Continue reading