Sports Betting Isn’t Rocket Science

Alright people, if you’re new to sports betting or have been losing more than winning for a while, it’s time to start from scratch and define what makes a winning strategy; as well as defining the difference between gambling and investing on sports.

For starters, gambling is the act of placing a bet on an event and hope to win, in other words, it’s based on luck. Investing, whether it’s on education, financial assets, or sports betting, it is based on taking the calculated risk and deciding to embrace such action – or not – based on the potential benefits.

If you are capable of Continue reading


World Cup 2014 – Day 2 – Online Sportsbook Odds.


The world event we all were waiting for is finally here bringing the online sportsbook action to all the soccer fans that love the additional risk on their favorite sport. Continue reading

Preparing In Advance, Costa Rica vs. Uruguay – Saturday Match

Most people are definitely taking Uruguay’s side on this match (just check the live lines on any book), but before you jump to conclusions, take your time to consider several factors which might influence the results of this match having Costa Rica tie or win.

For starters, even when Costa Rica might not seem like the ultimate team, they tend to have this weird power to play beyond their capacity against stronger teams.

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Clerks at Pay per Head Service

Writing by Karol

Smiling TelemarketerThe pay per head service providers need to have the best options and quality service they can to satisfy their clients’ needs. Due to this premise, we can say that having the best customer service is a great beginning for sportsbooks who are interested in giving the best to their bettors.

When we talk about customer service inside a sportsbook, we are doing mention of basically the clerks. This people is the one in charge of giving you all the attention you need, the ones who will place your bets, the ones who you need to trust in during the sports betting process. Continue reading