Live Odds and Payment Methods: A Plus to Sportsbooks


Writing by Karol

At sportsbooks there are some important points that need to be taken seriously on count to be successful on the sports betting process. It is not only about choosing the sportsbook with the most attractive name or options such as bonuses and promotions. Continue reading


Jazz Sportsbook: Anywhere, Anytime

Writing by Karol

CapturaCurrently, it is not easy to have a notable competitive advantage when you have an online sportsbook. You will find out that to survive inside the industry you need to adopt new trends and satisfy in a better way all your clients.

But, what does the current clients are looking for? It can seem almost impossible to find out, however, if you take a look to the answer of them with different trends, maybe you can have an idea of where to begin. Continue reading

Soccer Apocalypse with the World Cup 2014 at Sportsbooks

Writing by Karol

cupapoDuring this World Cup we have seen amazing and surprising things that we definitely never expected. Since teams that qualify to groups phases just because they have good lucky, to some others who supposed to be out of the World Cup easily and fast but they still fighting and winning as teams of first level at soccer.

We are living around a big amount of unbelievable situations that are making happy at least eight countries and have some other extremely angry. The thing is that since the World Cup Italia 90, we haven’t seen any World Cup full of amazing teams, great players showing of what they are made and some others who are making us open eyes and see what they really are. Continue reading

Will Costa Rica’s Fairy Tale End Prematurely?

The World Cup’s so called “group of death” – the group containing three previous world champions, England, Italy and Uruguay, as well a fourth contender (Costa Rica) – has been dominated by the team everyone expected to finish last.

Costa Rica is this World Cup’s surprise, and everyone has their eyes on them.

They managed to defeat Uruguay and Italy, and because they had their position almost secured, they Continue reading