Customer Service as Main Point at Sportsbooks

Writing by Karol

Customer-service-woman-on-headset-gives-OK-1024x770When we start talking about sportsbooks there are many things which take a lot of importance. Of course, there are some details which need to be real important for users or clients. But where do we start?

At sportsbooks everything has relevance, since the software that they use to the last person who attend clients.

It is true, when you are a bettor and you start looking for the best place to trust your bankroll many things come to your head and this is great. For example, how are you going to get your gains or payments? Continue reading


Gambling and Price per Head

Writing by Karol

IOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnside the sports betting industry we can find two concepts which are in some way relatives; actually there are three, the thing is that one of them can be seen as the action of place any kind of bet.

Gambling, Price per head and sports betting. Those three concepts are the ones that I’m talking about. Sport betting is the kind of bet which is commonly placed at sportsbooks, then, Gambling is the action of placing bets but also is related to bets at Casinos. And the Price per head is a service that some sportsbooks have available for agents. Continue reading

It Did What? Secrets About Sportsbook.


Lots of things are said about the whole sportsbook deal, and many people think is bad and can destroyed your life or your will always live miserable in debt, or that you will gamble your house on a poker table, even if is true, and some are, the sportsbook activity is not as bad as you think Continue reading

Reasons Why Sports Betting is Fun.


We had enjoy sports since we were little kids, remember sitting with my dad on the couch watching games all weekend, going to stadiums, enjoying the BBQ’s at the parking lot, playing with other kids and feeling like we were the best players in the field dreaming about becoming a sports super star. Things are not the same as you grow up Continue reading