Sports Betting for Dummies.


If you are new at sports betting and don’t have a clue about how things work, but you really want you just want to be able to understand sports betting odds, and decode what a favorite, an underdog, over, under or even “juice¨ mean, this explanation of sports betting 101 for dummies is what you´re looking for. It will make it easy for you to understand the most important concepts about sports betting, so pay close attention! Continue reading


Soccer Game: Real Madrid vs. Villarreal

Villarreal-vs-Real-MadridLast weekend, on Sunday, an important game took place: Real Madrid vs. Villarreal. It was an important game due to the amount of points that the white team needs to gain enough advantage over the Barcelona. However, the game was something that the Madrid didn´t expected.

The Villarreal was playing very well and did some amazing plays during the game and as consequence it is one of the teams that could win 2 points as guests at Bernabeu. The team played with unusual players but gave us many surprises with its approach and many important players on the seats. Continue reading