PFA Awards 2015

92e5fd9c-e0d8-4a12-af0b-4236d69d481a-620x372The PFA Awards ceremony took place last April 26, many people among them important players attended this event. But, before starting with the awards, I would like to give you some background information about it and what it really aims for.

Beginning with the PFA which means Professional Footballers’ Association, it was created some years ago, around 1907 originating the longest union of sportspersons ever established. This association has three long and deep aims which are: to protect, to improve and Negotiate conditions, rights and status of players. The best way to motivate and accomplish its aims is through awards and collective bargaining agreements. Continue reading


Horse Racing Betting

horse_racingWhen we talk about betting we can´t help taking about one of the oldest sporting event in the history- horse racing. It was one of the first events where people could bet on, we could even say, it was the cradle of sports betting.  Horse betting has been evolving over time, offering a big variety of bet types.

During the first steps of horse racing inside the sports betting business, bettors had only three options to place bets, these were: Victory Home, Victory Away Team and the Draw. Nowadays, sportsbooks can offer around 10 options to place bets on this sport. However, the types of bets offered can vary from one sportsbook to another. Continue reading