Fantasy Teams – What do you know about it?

nfl_fantasy_football_bannerI was surfing around the web and  when I went  into some  sites related to soccer, football, basketball among other other sports, I found out that playing on ‘‘Fantasy teams’’ is a common activity these days. So, I decided to research and write a little bit about it.

I have been listening about NBA and Football Fantasy at online sportsbooks for a while now, and I have also seen guys getting prepared for the Soccer League Fantasy Championship. Actually, that’s the root of my interest about it. Continue reading


NCAA Football – Season Bowls Schedule and Odds.


Just as the professional football world is getting ready for the upcoming season, college football is on the move, as well. If you are a real fan, as many other sports enthusiast out there, it is important for you to know the most relevant dates, schedule and of course Continue reading

Main Sports and Events at Sportsbooks

SuperBowl_XLVIIThere are some moments during the year in which sportsbooks have a lot more action. Those moments are defined by the time most important or more followed sports events take place.

It turns out, that choosing the most popular sports in the world can be a very hard task, because it depends a lot on the country.  The same sport may not be the most popular for all countries. Besides, it also depends on which criteria you use to define the best sport. For example, we can do it taking into account the sport with the biggest audience, the one that most people played around the world or the one most people bet on. Continue reading