Alex Sánchez: Looking for a new Club?

1aa6b434251cb5f81b67095af4ed73d3_largeYesterday, we witnessed the game between the Arsenal and the Olympiacos on the Emirates Stadium, the last score was 3-2 against the Arsenal, adding to the team one new failure for its history.

However, related to Alex Sánchez, all we can say is that he tried very hard to revert the score and luck of his new team. Actually he was the one who score the tie goal of the game, but his effort was in vain, it just wasn´t enough. 

As one of the Gunners’ historical player Ian Wright said to ESPN on an interview, good players such as Alex Sánchez who come to the Arsenal looking for titles, looking to grow up on a team, and hopping to have a great future, now he can leave with new teams because the expectations were not even satisfied on his first game. It doesn´t matter how much effort he put the rest of the team didn´t give the best. Of course, it is enough to decide leaving a team.

About this, Wright only said: “How we will retain him? It is enough to say that he was the only one outstanding during the game” (On the Gunners team). By the way, do you know why the Arsenal has the nickname of Gunners? They are called that way because of an historical event, this team was founded by workers from the Royal Arsenal arms factory in Woolwich that´s why they keep having a canyon on their shield.

Coming back to Alex Sánchez, this player influenced many of his new partners at the team, one of them is Antonio di Natale, who believes he has discovered Sánchez’s secret of how to be a great player: “This is probably the secret, and what has let him become one of the greatest current players. He combines individual quality with willingness to collective sacrifice.”

After Sánchez’s “hat trick” with the Arsenal, the Chilean player has received several compliments; some of them talk about his “exquisite technique” and the way he manage the ball, “he does things with the ball such as a juggler would do it but with the feet”.

Some other comments refer to the fact that it is easy to be a star at small or medium teams in which there is no stress and no competitiveness, but at bigger teams, it is very hard to be one and Sánchez is getting it, he is a star on a big team.

For Arsenal, to lose Alex Sánchez cannot be a possibility; they need to find out the way to retain him because without any doubt he is the kind of player that this team needs to grow more than what they have already grown.And if you want a great player to bet for, I recommend you to bet for Alex Sánchez.


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