Bale Indefinitely Out of Madrid

With Gareth Bale’s injury situation at the Real Madrid has become very difficult. The Wale’s player suffered an injury that has pass from slightly, to alarming, putting Real Madrid’s hospitals treatments on the eye of the fans who bet medicine there is not as good as it is supposed to be.

Real Madrid’s official web site has posted the following medical part:

“Following the tests carried out on Gareth Bale in the Sanitas la Moraleja University Hospital, the player has been diagnosed with a soleus muscle injury in his left leg. His recovery will continue to be assessed”.

Even when the club has enough hope that Bale will come back to the field very soon, we already know that his recovering process will not end on 48 hours, and he will not be able to play against the Paris Saint-Germain.

This injury is the second injury Bale has have in the same place on less than two months. The first time was during the game against the Shakhtar on September 15. For this injury he was out of the field during four game, one from Champions and three from the League. However, he managed to play against the Atlético de Madrid the last 25 minutes and after this, he played two complete games.

The problem may come from different places, but the one that has more people concerned about is the quality of the medical system. Are they doing their job on the best possible way? Maybe if doctors have gave Bale the necessary therapy, assistance and repose, he would have heal completely and maybe he wouldn´t have  to be suffering right now from the same thing.

It is worth to remember than another Real Madrid player was also rushed into playing without been completely recovered from an injury. Last week James Rodríguez had to be ready to play, before the League stopped, during the FIFA’s date, and play for Colombia´s national team when they called him. However, everybody knows he is not ready jet. To this, we can add Pepe’s situation, who got a mysterious muscle injury an hasn´t play since September 23 and it seems he will not come back until the end of month.

Currently, the Real Madrid has four players with injuries and out of the field: Pepe, James Rodríguez, Dani Carvajal and now Gareth Bale. Referring to this Bales’ agent said some days ago that Gareth is close to be the best player of the world
and he will achieved it playing and not being a model. However, taking into consideration that at his 25´s Bale has have more injuries than birthdays, this is something that we have to see.


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