Belgium vs Spain: SUSPENDED!

mlbf_264740783_th_45It seems that fear is all over the place these days.  Terrorist attacks and threats are taking place everywhere, and sadly, it is definitely something that countries of the Middle East are living.

In the case of The Belgium, something that began as a possibility according to the Belgian media, was published as official almost a half an hour ago, November 17, 2015. The OCAM, the agency responsible for managing the crisis at Belgium, decided late yesterday to raise to three the level alert for the whole country. A possible and real threat was made, and it could be target any place with high concentration of people. That is why the decision of suspending the match was made, they could not take the slightest risk of having people murdered.

The news surprised the players, which ware in their rooms about to go sleeping with the mind set on the match. Although around the selection nothing unusual was detected, the operations in Molenbeek along the day help the forces of Belgium security understand, that having an event of the proportions of the game to be played at the old Heysel was an absolute risk.

There are five reasons why, the council of a Belgian Crisis Center suspended the friendly encounter between Belgium and Spain at the King Baudouin stadium in Brussels:

  1. ‘‘Belgium raises terror alert to Level 3: “To the great acts passed level 3, which means that there is a potentially credible and imminent threat” recognized Frédéric Cauderlier, government spokesman.
  2. The escaped terrorist could be in Brussels: Police fears that the escaped terrorist Salah Abdeslam is hidden in Brussels.
  3. Molenbeek, a stepKing Baudouin Stadium: The Molenbeed, a refuge for jihadists’ neighborhood located a few kilometers from the stadium where it was to play the Belgium-Spain.
  4. Bomb threat just two kilometers away from Spain: As the team arrives in Brussels, a bomb threat occurs in the neighborhood.
  5. France fears a new attack “in the coming days”: The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has warned that terrorism can strike again in the incoming days, the coming weeks and believes that the terrorist threat is to maintain a long time. ‘’


The same situation is happening with the game between Germany and Netherlands that has been called off after a concrete security threat against the city of Hannover.

Definitely, these kinds of events are affecting everybody. However, I think it is the right decision to make during these hard moments, and even more important is to avoid more killing. What do you think about it? Should sports continue, or should be suspended for the moment?


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