Real Madrid’s Future

_realmadridefe_82232d41The last Classic between the Real Madrid and the Barcelona, which finished 0-4 winning the Barca; gave us many things to think about, this without considering all the rumors that took place before the game.

The Classic definitely showed us the current situation of the club. It reflected all that is going on with the coach and the relation between the players. When the game ended, players and fans expressed their feelings about the coach with really harsh words.

One of the most important things that happened before and after the Classic was the comments made by Cristiano Ronaldo. Even Before the game, CR7 was a trending topic on the social media. According to different sources, the player expressed his desire to leave the team, saying that this would be his last classic.

The rumors were confirmed once the classic ended, Cristiano Ronaldo said to Florentino “Benitez or me” and instantly other rumors began to spread about possible teams interested on buying him, such as the PSG and the Manchester United.

CR7 unconformity with the team is something that he cannot hide and the last teams’ results have made him consider new opportunities. For now, the more attractive one seems to be the Manchester United’s, in which Fergusson has stick his neck out for him. There have been two meetings between the parts so far, one at Madrid and another one at London.

After the classic, a player from the Barcelona went to the white team’s dressing room and talk with some players. One of them tell CR7 that the atmosphere in the dressing room was not good; even more when Benitez and some other important players of the team maintain a very cold relation with him.  Even the Barca’s player could notice that Cristiano is not happy there, he is definitely uncomfortable, and the team seems to feel the same.

At the end of the game Florentino gave a speech in which he said that Benitez could count with all his support and that, fans and players should support him and let him do his work, so they can see changes. He added, that he already had the solution for the current problems and that he hired “Benitez”, because he has the capacity to lead the team to the top but he needs time to work and support to do it.

After this game and all that´s going on with the white team, we have not many expectations to continue seeing the big star in this team. It seems that Benitez will continue even when nobody wants him, and if he continue, Cristiano Ronaldo will definitely leave.

What will happen? We need to wait and see what the future brings!


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