Pep Guardiola OUT OF Bayern Munich

pepThis last month, many important decisions come to light, many important changes around teams, players, and coaches. And this is the case of Pep Guardiola who decided to change the club.

Pep Guardiola will not renovate contract with the Bayern Munich this coming year. Such as the team already announced. At the end of the season Guardiola will leave and the coach who will take his place is Carlo Ancelotti.

There are many clubs and teams who are really interested on having Guardiola as coach. However, he already decided his future, where is he going? We don´t know. What we actually know is that many important teams have done many attractive proposals.

One of the big amount of proposals that the coach has receive is from the Chelsea. This team offers to Guardiola being the best payed coach of the world and 10 signings to make the team timelier and do it such as he want it and need it.

Also there are some offers from the PSG, but the team that we think can be the future of Pep Guardiola is the Manchester City due to his relation with this club. However, it is important to remember that Chelsea is having a bad year, beginning with the results that the coach Mourinho has achieve and then the way in which the entire team is reacting.

With the last problems that Chelsea was living, the best solution is to find another coach. The contract with Mourinho hasn´t end, however, they have though that they can pay him until the end of his contract but he cannot trained the team. And to hire another coach; Chelsea really want to have Pep Guardiola training the team.

About Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Bayer Munich’ sport directive, he said that Pep Guardiola already has decided which one will be his future and he already knows where is going to trained next season. In his words:

“I think I know where it will go but I want to make the announcement at the hands of his next team. He came to me a few weeks ago at Christmas party and told me he was looking for a new challenge”

The executive also said that far from feeling disappointed by Guardiola’s decision, the coach revealed his future apologetically and also said that the club already suspected that Guardiola wouldn´t follow in the Bundesliga champion and that it is about time if he decide to change his mind or not.

Guardiola has many opportunities, but also will not be surprising that he take a year, more or less, without any contract. But the team who has more links with Guardiola is the Manchester City.


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