Real Madrid Insist on Signing David de Gea

235438Do you believe in the law of attraction? Have you ever felt that something good is going to happen and it just happens?  Well I guess, something like this is happening with the Real Madrid, they want to have De Gea as part of the white team so badly, that things seem to be going that way.

The Real Madrid was pretty near to make its dream come true, in the last opportunity they have to negotiate contracts. It is worth remembering that during the last signing, Iker Casillas leaved the team and there was a lot of discussion about Casillas future, Navas and De Geas’ contract that ended up being a complete disaster.

However, even when Real Madrid did everything to achieved De Gea’s contract, the documents didn´t get on time and the signing period closed. As consequence, Navas took Casillas’ place, showing his talent on the field.

Many incredible moments definitely put Navas on the table, having all people talk about his amazing performance on the field, to the point that he is now, within the best goalkeepers.

But, this is not enough for the Real Madrid. They need a national goalkeeper, someone who can play at Real Madrid and in the Spain Selection at the same time, talent is not enough. Real Madrid will not pursue the signing of the Spanish goalkeeper during this winter but they will try to incorporate him into their ranks this coming summer, according to the daily telegraph.

After being at Old Trafford during the summer, and after a long struggle for their services in both entities, De Gea renewed a four year contract with the English club which includes a clause of 36million.

The white club’s representative said to the British newspaper that the “Real Madrid is not trying to sign David De Gea in the winter, the Spanish company plans to attempt the signing of the player net summer”

De Gea, was a former player of the Atletico Madrid and currently he plays for the Manchester United, but he is constantly saying that he wants to come back to Spain to play with the Real Madrid.

What do you think may happen if De Gea becomes a White team player? Do you think he can take Navas’ place? Do you think he is at Navas’ level and keep doing what Navas has been accomplishing with the team?


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