NBA Conference Finals 2014 – Predictions


The NBA Playoffs and Conference Finals 2014 is about to see its end going on game 5 of one of the most competitive sports in the world Continue reading


March Madness 2014. News and Picks.


The Brackets are out there already for you to start filling them up, and hurry up, because you have only 1 day, 20 hours 25 minutes and 00 seconds to have the change to make your picks and enjoy the action this brackets are going to bring you over the next weeks for the NCAA March Madness in the battle for the National Championship 2014. Continue reading

Betting on current or past players?


Written by Karol

dunk-mj-kob-32The pervasive news and report about Michael Jordan comparing his ability to win over some players face to face has taken almost the entire media: social media, newspapers, TV shows, important ads and more.

And if you study a little bit what every player said you can realize that the best players have been taken the best movements and strategies from the past players. After a big discussion between some guys about it, an important thought crossed my mind: If I am one of those sports betting lover and I bet for a player, I’m betting not only for him, I will be betting for his past players.

(When I say past players, I want to make mention of those great players who have been taking as idols or mentors by the new or current players.)

Based on that premise: should we now about the mentors and Idols of a player if we want to place wagers on sports betting over him?

It is so common, I mean, if you are a singer you will be inspired by some older and best singers. If you play an instrument you will have a musician to follow. If you like sports betting, you will look for the place in which the best bettors bet… And if you are a sports player you will learn from the best players.

Someone often said to me: “Try to be the best, so you will be a good role model and people can learn the best from you”. I guess that’s what all the people put in practice. All of us want to learn from the best singer, player, student, employee, person that we know.

It is the case from Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. What’s around the web sounds like an adverse action (to learn from other players), and those guys are tattling more than what they should to defend their selves. However, I think it is completely common, the only thing in which I stop to think about is how important or how many influence do the “past players” might have talking about sports betting.

In fact, Michael Jordan must feel proud of his self, not everyone will take you as a role model. Even more, if he had mentors, from who his took many of his movements to be the best NBA player (Mentors as David Thompson, Dr. J and Jerry West).

Past players can have some important influence when we are taking about the NBA Draft, why? Because many young players will be on the “learning process”, in which you can see many of the “past players” movements and related. In these cases is when at sports betting, you most study the past players to bet for the current ones.

At the end, I think all the “past” players have some responsibility over the current players. New players will be formed with the movements, technics and strategies from the best past players, such as M.J. and the most smart decision talking about sports betting is to study very well every root of the players so, we can take a wisely choose.

Tim Duncan: The Most Interesting Player of NBA?

Written by Karol

tim-duncanMaybe it is unnecessary to open some live lines at an online sportsbook to know some determining facts about the NBA players that let us know how interesting Tim Duncan is.

He is not a social butterfly but he is not a killjoy; he is in the middle of both points. Sometimes he seems like a naughty kid, some other times he is such a serious and burly guy. And maybe the weirdest things can happen to him or around him.

I was reading about many players to compare some live lines preparing myself for the beginning of the Season, and I realized that many players used to be the most rude they can, and then I found some information about Duncan. If you have a friends group, you probably also have a friend that whatever he does you would say: Really, how come?! Well, you can imagine Duncan as that friend.

Let’s see some interesting facts that I found studying about this player:

  • Some people say that Tim dresses like a kid, in my opinion he doesn’t. The problem comes when he decides to put a lump in his back just like you did at school.
  • A big fact which surprises me…. When you win a title, even when you are certified for been a great student (or whatever comes to your mind), you feel happy… don’t you? Well, this is not Duncan case. This guy used to receive his awards completely serious, AWARDSthat’s when I say: such as a rude boy.
  • Tim Duncan’s website is not named Tim… Its name is Slam Duncan.
  • Which player is ejected from a game because of laughing? Tim Duncan. Yeah! Was during a game against Dallas and he was in the sidelines, every time a Dallas’ player fails a shot, he began to laugh like a child. First time Crawford (the referee) scolded him but the second time… Crawford forced him to leave the game.   Watch it here:
  • He loves whales. As most of the natives of St. Croix, he loves to spend time with marine mammals.
  • He has much love to give. Prove of that is when he gave some lovely words to Chris Paul son after a game because he was sad, and second he gave some words and a big hug to LeBron James after crushing him in the 2007 finals.

What else can we say about Tim? He drank a bad Gatorade during a game; he realized that he has good arms during a game. He makes his outlet passes in a different way, is the Duncan’s way.

Definitely, Duncan is one of the most interesting guys of NBA, and I didn’t need any live lines, any bet to choose between the big amounts of players, just putting a little bit of attention was enough.

Cuban Makes the Most Noise With a Title

For years David Stern, the commissioner of the N.B.A., had collected fines from Mark Cuban, the Marck Cuban Mavericks’ owner. On Sunday night, the 2011 N.B.A. finals served up one last irresistible subplot when Stern was called upon to present Cuban with the Larry O’Brien championship trophy.

The intrigue was enough to keep some dejected Heat fans rooted to their American Airlines Arena seats after the Mavericks’ title-clinching 105-95 victory in Game 6. Would the congratulatory moment contain all the warmth of a Bill Belichick midfield handshake with Eric Mangini?

In one final series twist, Cuban moved aside to let Don Carter, the Mavericks’ original owner, accept the trophy from Stern. Those few steps back by Cuban represented one giant leap forward for his public image.

The Mavericks’ star player, Dirk Nowitzki, used this postseason to shine and buff his reputation and legacy and, so, too, did Cuban. Gone were the petulant outbursts that cost him $250,000 in fines for acts of misconduct during the 2006 finals between the Mavericks and the Heat. Continue reading

Nets to Acquire Deron Williams From Jazz

Utah JazzA superstar arms race has broken out on both sides of the Hudson River.

A day after the Knicks completed a blockbuster trade for Carmelo Anthony, the Nets responded by acquiring Deron Williams — one of the N.B.A.’s top point guards — from the Utah Jazz.

A player agent on Wednesday confirmed multiple reports in the news media that the Nets would acquire Williams, 26, in exchange for Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and two first-round picks — a package similar to what the Nets had offered Denver for Anthony.

The trade is a huge boost for the Nets, who need a franchise star to build around as they prepare to move to Brooklyn for the 2012-13 season. Continue reading

Popovich says Tim Duncan will start All-Star game in place of Yao

Gregg Popovich The Western Conference needs a starting center for the All-Star game in Los Angeles, and Gregg Popovich says he knows the perfect person for the job.

The San Antonio coach selected Spurs star Tim Duncan to replace Yao Ming in the lineup for Sunday’s game at Staples Center, staying in his own locker room instead of picking Clippers star Blake Griffin playing in his home arena or Timberwolves double-double machine Kevin Love.

“I think it’s totally appropriate and obvious that he should be the starter,” Popovich said before the Spurs faced the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night. “I don’t have any problem with it.” Continue reading