NCAA Football – Season Bowls Schedule and Odds.


Just as the professional football world is getting ready for the upcoming season, college football is on the move, as well. If you are a real fan, as many other sports enthusiast out there, it is important for you to know the most relevant dates, schedule and of course Continue reading


Get Ready – NFL Season 2015 Odds.


Let’s be honest, we all miss football.

It’s been a while since I wrote something about football, but there is a lot going on around the sports world. As the season is on hold; something that we hate is to wait for the season to start again, I know, there is plenty of others sports, but to tell you the truth, there is nothing like football. Continue reading

Super Bowl XLIX – Patriots – Seahawks Comparison.


While everyone is talking about some deflated balls, or who did it or if they did it or not, if is was Brady or Belichick, or even the referees who holds the balls 2 hours before the game starts, what we need to be asking is, who is going to be the best NFL team to win the Super Bowl XLIX, Patriots or Seahawks, who will make history this year, Brady or Wilson, who has the Continue reading

NFL KickOff and Sportsbook Odds.


The NFL regular season is just around the corner and we all are waiting for kickoff time, actually only a week separates all NFL fans from the moment of truth of this years and we waited enough Continue reading

AFC Championship – New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos.

broncos-patriotsNew England Patriots will be on the road to the AFC Championship the Denver Broncos at he Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver Colorado, the Patriots will face the Broncos at their home and the field advantage its on their hands, but this only part of the challenge, two of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL the battle of their conference Continue reading

The Last Run For the NFL Title 2014.

playoffs-contest-girlsThe NFL season 2013 – 2014 its sadly about to end, and with barely some games left before the Super Bowl on February 2nd , now we have the best of the best fighting for the NFL title to become, not only the champions of their divisions, but also to hold the trophy of the best team on the National Football League, we have some great teams that will be on the battle of the best teams to have the chance of become the 2014 champions and the favorites on the online sportsbook to go for the title are the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers, well as many things in sports can happened, but this are the strongest teams on the NFL as of today. Continue reading

Ravens: What’s going on?

Written by Karol

1ravensMaybe you are one of those fans who bet and made use of the price per head services in favor of Ravens and right now you want to hit your head against a wall because the development that this team has had is terrible, or at least not what all of us were waiting or expecting.

What’s going on Ravens? Last year, bets at price per head services in favor of Ravens were full; many fans change their teams to bet for Ravens. But right now even Terrell Suggs has declared “Ravens in a ‘State of Emergency’” .

Offensive Line? Running Back Lines? The quarterback? Problem is everywhere; we cannot pretend that if a line inside a team is not working very well, the other ones will be fine. In fact, we have saw that Offensive Line is not doing the best, they can do so much. At least Ravens already recognized that they are having a big problem on the field, first step on solving problems: Ready!

However, just first step is not enough. Opposing teams know that Ravens have problems, and they also know that the biggest difficulty that Ravens have is at wide receiver. So it is easy for opposing teams to create strategies to attack through the wide receiver and stop any try of running.

Should I still betting in favor of Ravens? Or Maybe I should make use of price per head services with the opposing team?

It is kind of weird, you know? Ravens fans and I’m sure the same team too, used to saw some specifically teams as rivals but they knew they would win, there was not much to fear. Currently, every team is a big and potent rival, team and fans have much to fear.

Actually, “Ravens week” was a completely fail for the team; it is not what it used to be. This match against the Steelers used to be one of the most waited for Ravens’ fans and it became one of the most feared. It is worth to say that Steelers are the biggest and heated rivals of all the times.

At price per head services you most think very well which will be your next movement. I still have faith for Ravens…

I mean, they are the Ravens! They have amazing players; they are the last Super Bowl winners. They need to recover what they are.

My bet at Price per Head services will wait for Ravens. They have a bye week right now, and I’m sure they will come back at week 9 with a different development and showing what they really are.