Pre-Flop Strategy

The flop is the determining point – the point of no return – in Texas Hold’em.  When you wait to see the flop, you commit part of your stack.  If you do, you risk losing your bet.  If you don’t, you risk losing a potential win.

Pre- FlopYour pre-flop strategy is therefore crucial in poker.  You should know how to properly and wisely play your cards before the flop and the hit or miss that follows it.  The following are some basic tips that you can use as a guide in determining your own pre-flop poker strategy.  Just note that actual circumstances will probably require you to act differently; however, this will give you a basis on which to make your pre-flop playing decisions.

Fold Pre-Flop

Folding pre-flop is the easiest and the least costly way of playing poker.  When you fold your hand pre-flop, you don’t lose anything – unless you are the small or the big blind, that is, because your forced initial bet is already a loss if you fold.  Even if you are the small or the big blind, however, folding may still be the rights strategy if it keeps your loss for that hand at a minimum.

When should you fold pre-flop?  Clearly, if you have bad starting hands or if you are dealt pocket cards that will give you a very slim chance of winning, you should fold; as a general rule, you should still do this even if you are already invested in the pot (i.e. you’re the small or big blind) and naturally don’t want to lose the blinds. Continue reading


Casino opposes Frank legislation

Some of the largest land-based casinos in California have issued a statement voicing their opposition to proposed legislation from US Congressman Barney Frank over concerns that players may have been misled by speciaCasinol interest groups receiving funds from illegal offshore gaming operators.

Frank’s Internet Gambling Regulation And Consumer Protection And Enforcement Act was recently passed through the House Financial Services Committee by a vote of 41 to 22 and seeks to regulate online gambling in the United States to counter the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) legislation of 2006.

However, California’s Commerce Casino has expressed its opposition to the legislation and has been joined by the state’s Bicycle Casino, Hawaiian Gardens Casino and Hollywood Park Casino.

“Poker players deserve to know the real facts, so let us be clear,” read a statement issued by Tom Malkasian and Haig Papaian, board members for Commerce Casino. Continue reading

High Stakes Poker News

Patrik Antonius Takes on Zigmund Patrick Antonius reports three players fought it out in a $200/$400 PLO game earlier in the week. On Wednesday, they were at it again, but this time they stepped up to play $300/$600 instead. And this time around it was Patrik Antonius who got the better this matchup when he managed to win $237K while the two others lost about $100K each. Antonius also found a $95K win in the seven game, so at the end of the day he ended up winning $332K.

The big name high stakes player took on the likes of fellow high stakers Phil Galfond and Zigmund. reports that the race to the top of the 25/50 NL crop is really starting to heat up. Continue reading

Day for Online Gambling?

Online GamblingJune 1, 2010 marks the day that the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) finally goes into effect after passing as an attachment to a Port Security Act in October 2006.  The law makes banking institutions responsible for preventing transactions from gamblers to online gambling establishments operating offshore.  The much watered down law does not hold banks responsible for monitoring payouts from online gambling operators to bettors while checks and ACH transactions are, for the most part, exempt.  Because certain forms of online gambling such as horse racing and state lotteries were carved from the legislation, the banking sector has argued that this makes it nearly impossible to distinguish the “good online gambling” transactions from the “bad one’s” (presumably online poker and sports wagers).

With nearly four years having passed between UIGEA becoming law and the actual “enforcement”, many online gambling sites have had plenty of time to prepare for the worst possible outcome, though further “setbacks” can be expected.

As of September 2009, most banks were already complying with the UIGEA regulations anyway, according to Steve Kenneally, the vice president of American Banking Association.

John Pappas, Director of the Poker Players Alliance, believes the June 1 date is being blown out of proportion in some circles.  The world will not end on this day.

“Many people believe that any ill effect of the UIGEA has already been felt over the last four years,” said Pappas. “While I can’t make any guarantees, I do have a sense that this will be more of a blip on the radar screen than a catastrophic event, as some may have predicted.”

Originally slated to go into effect October 1 of last year, the Treasury and Federal Reserve announced a six month reprieve. Continue reading

Los Angeles pro wins Cal State Poker Championship

Poker Championship Declaring it the “ultimate thrill,” Los Angeles poker pro Patrick Karschamroon became the Cal State Poker Champion at Commerce Casino in the wee hours of Sunday morning, beating such poker luminaries at Gavin Griffin and “Miami” John Cernuto. The $162,970 victory more than doubled his $68, 491 career winnings. Karschamroon has only one previous tournament victory, in Aug, 2009, cashing for $31,400.

“Patrick played great poker against a very tough final table,” said Tournament Director Matt Savage. “Miami John and Gavin are formidable opponents, and the final nine also included several stellar Internet poker players. Congratulations to Patrick Karschamroon on claiming the title of Cal State Champion in convincing style at one of Commerce Casino’s showcase events.”

More than 175 players vied for the title in the $3,085-buy-in No Hold’em Champion Main Event that concluded the three-week series. The total prize pool for the Championship event was $509,250. The second place finisher was Lenny Tam of West Covina who earned $86,570. It was Tam’s first tournament ever, urged on to play by his boss at the real estate agency where he works. Griffin, of Ladera Ranch, CA, who had the chip lead for much of the early part of the day, came in third with Cernuto, of Las Vegas, in fourth. Continue reading

Play poker online – II

Poker traffic reliance

Some of the poker rooms are too big and some are bit small. If you like to play in the crowded environment but here you would not see same player 2 days in the row, or would you prefer to play in a cozier place as here you get familiar with the opponents?

The low traffic numbers can lead to the preferred games and that is not ever being offered. Sometimes in the poker room, no other players want to play the game preferred by you. However, this is a rare problem for the Texas Holdem poker, but it could be for other exotic games as Pineapple or Five Card Draw.

In poker game, your geographical location plays big role. Some of the poker sites have generally American players in their room, so the traffic enhances only during the time of American evening. In European sites, the traffic boots 8 hours earlier then the sites with American players every day.

If anyone is really ambitious, so he/she may move his/her game from first kind of sites to other kind of sites, then again back to compare the variations in players traffic in the full day.

Make a poker nick

For playing poker in a website, player must have one nickname. Before he/she rush away and frame any random name, recognize that player will have to live with nickname at the poker room ever. Poker rooms are very preventive to allow players for changing the nicknames. Player should keep in mind that their nickname might really give away the information to their opponents when he/she play online poker. Ensure that the nickname gives away is either not true or not important.

Names have meaning

There are some common nicknames give out fearlessness, aggression or self confidence like NumberOne, IAlwaysWin, or UFoldNow.

If a player is thinking of to choose a more modest name, like SplitThePot or MrNiceGuy, but recognize that one soft name might provoke increased violence from your opponents.

Nickname of a player just tell something about the player and game style and your opponents may put extra raises and bets against you very well. Do not draw as that is up to you.

Some famous nicks of poker room

Among the well-known online poker professionals, the strategies of nickname vary. Many professionals use the own name, as in the one of the Poker room professional David Benyamine, Gus Hansen and Phil Ivey.

Self-possessed nicknames that indicate skill, aggression or just a lot fortune are quite general:

* Phil Hellmuth – #1_Lucky_One

* Di Dang – Urindanger

* Isabelle Mercier – NoMercy

* Ilari Sahamies – I_Tilt_You

* Richard Brodie – Quiet Lion

* Daniel Negreanu – doublesuited

* John Juanda – LuckBox

* Alexandros Dalaklis – TexasLimitKing

* Noah Boeken – Who is next

Some famous poker nicks are not so simple to understand:

* Tom Dwan – Durrrr

* Patrik Antonius – Luigi66369

* Phil Galfond – OMGClayAiken

* Bertrand Grospellier – ElkY

* Jonas Danielsson – Nebuchad

* Johan Storakers – Nytorget

When a player creates the account at the online poker room, they will almost certainly notice that many names are taken already. In this problem player can either use another name, or if player is attached to the name he wants, so add some numbers and some other symbols with that name it, like $ # _ + and -.

Play Poker Online- I

Play online poker in just three simple steps:

Poker OnlinePoker Online is a fantastic and very easy game to get start, for playing online poker, player only requires downloading one poker program and can start enjoying the game, as it is too easy.

All the famous poker rooms provide secure and safe settings. Usually there are no troubles with bonus and withdrawals, and of course, player can play online poker without any money deposit.

The short version to Play poker –

Here we will go through all the involved steps to start up any online poker profession below. So firstly, let us do the fast version for the players who are eager to start:

1.Firstly choose a good online poker room So use the Flash software or install the software to download form net.

2.Now create one poker nick It will be player name at the poker tables.

3.And now you can start playing Now you can start play money tables until you are happy with the buttons.

If we go in bit more detail and see that how to create a poker account to start playing poker in the net. While downloading or installing the software if players face any problem so they can mail and the support department of the room and they will solve the problem.

Select an online poker room

Your initial step is to select a poker room to play in. Now a days so many poker rooms are available online that are secure and safe. The poker rooms manage their payments very actively as they run on the reliable software. Even some are very well reputed.

Along with a large number of existing poker rooms, the selection generally comes down form the number of realistic details:

* The variety of provided games

How many games can you play in the selected poker room?

* The offered poker bonus

How much bonus you get to open the account?

* The traffic in the room

How many poker players are in your chosen poker room?

Poker bonus

A player should not sign up to that poker room, which have no security to provide good bonus. Play with a bonus that is better than playing without bonus.

Poker bonus is a cash amount that is transferred by poker room to players’ account and this is to reward player’s registration with that website.

The bonus is instantly paid sometime, without asking any question. Generally, there are several playing necessities are involved. Like, player must play a definite number of hands on the website before getting the bonus.

Game variety

Most of the poker players like to play Texas Holdem, this is the reason behind that all the poker rooms offer this game. Therefore, if you like to play the Texas Holdem poker, you are cool.

On the other hand, if you are seeking for any other games, so perhaps the things can be bit complicated. Omaha and seven-card stud are also well-liked game, but other than these games, if any player likes to play another game so he/she may have to choose some certain poker room to play the desired game.

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