nflplayoffsThe Last week of the season is here, but there is plenty of action coming our way! Continue reading


Super Bowl XLIX – Patriots – Seahawks Comparison.


While everyone is talking about some deflated balls, or who did it or if they did it or not, if is was Brady or Belichick, or even the referees who holds the balls 2 hours before the game starts, what we need to be asking is, who is going to be the best NFL team to win the Super Bowl XLIX, Patriots or Seahawks, who will make history this year, Brady or Wilson, who has the Continue reading

NFL KickOff and Sportsbook Odds.


The NFL regular season is just around the corner and we all are waiting for kickoff time, actually only a week separates all NFL fans from the moment of truth of this years and we waited enough Continue reading

March Madness 2014. News and Picks.


The Brackets are out there already for you to start filling them up, and hurry up, because you have only 1 day, 20 hours 25 minutes and 00 seconds to have the change to make your picks and enjoy the action this brackets are going to bring you over the next weeks for the NCAA March Madness in the battle for the National Championship 2014. Continue reading

NFL Prospects 2014 – Top Performers of the Scouting Combine.


With all the action from the drill and testing events over already, there are many things to consider about the best prospects and top performers of the different positions Continue reading

The Last Run For the NFL Title 2014.

playoffs-contest-girlsThe NFL season 2013 – 2014 its sadly about to end, and with barely some games left before the Super Bowl on February 2nd , now we have the best of the best fighting for the NFL title to become, not only the champions of their divisions, but also to hold the trophy of the best team on the National Football League, we have some great teams that will be on the battle of the best teams to have the chance of become the 2014 champions and the favorites on the online sportsbook to go for the title are the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers, well as many things in sports can happened, but this are the strongest teams on the NFL as of today. Continue reading

Extreme sports passion.


You can look, search and find many great things about sportsbooks, sports and many things all over the Internet, videos, photos, comments, news, gifs and many other things now but sharing the passion or experience some of those amazing moments when you are looking, screaming, yelling and even feeling the rush of adrenaline Continue reading