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Sports Events and Pay per Head

Written by Karol

photo-on-9-13-12-at-11-22-am-5Inside the sports world we can find many events such as championships, games, playoffs and more. For bettors it is easy to place a bet during these important events, but what about the ones who take all the bets?

If you are an agent, I’m pretty sure that you know about the tension and what big and important sports events mean. Isn’t it? Continue reading

AFC Championship – New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos.

broncos-patriotsNew England Patriots will be on the road to the AFC Championship the Denver Broncos at he Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver Colorado, the Patriots will face the Broncos at their home and the field advantage its on their hands, but this only part of the challenge, two of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL the battle of their conference Continue reading

The Last Run For the NFL Title 2014.

playoffs-contest-girlsThe NFL season 2013 – 2014 its sadly about to end, and with barely some games left before the Super Bowl on February 2nd , now we have the best of the best fighting for the NFL title to become, not only the champions of their divisions, but also to hold the trophy of the best team on the National Football League, we have some great teams that will be on the battle of the best teams to have the chance of become the 2014 champions and the favorites on the online sportsbook to go for the title are the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers, well as many things in sports can happened, but this are the strongest teams on the NFL as of today. Continue reading

Football Handicapping Services

Free Handicapping Sports Service Guide – How to compare and choose the best football handicapping service

Step 1 – Do you need pSports Bettingrofessional help?
Not everyone should hire a football handicapping service. Some people are adept at handicapping their own football games. If you have the time (and skill) to dig in on your own to analyze games and situations, and you do well on your own (55%+), then it may not makes sense for you to spend the money to purchase football picks from someone else.

Others don’t have that kind of time or energy to invest (pro services spend 50 hours + per week analyzing games). But, a service may still not make sense. If you are betting small amounts, then it may not make financial sense to hire a handicapping service. You need to consider the ROI you expect to get and factor in the cost of a service. Generally, if you are betting $ per game or less, it may not make sense to purchase picks unless you are losing a lot on your own. Remember you have to cover the cost of the service through your winnnings.

But, if you are losing on your own, due to lack of time to invest in handicapping or just lack of skill, a football handicapping service can help you lose less or actually start winning. The best services can even help winners win more.

Step 2 – How to compare football handicapping services
Let’s say you have decided you want professional help. How do you compare services? How do you choose which service on which to spend you hard earned money? Here’s a checklist to consider: Continue reading

Back To Football

Every player, coach and fan is ready. Super Bowl 2010

The NFL returns this week. It’s “Back to Football” time. That means the next five months will be packed with the sizzle and suspense that comes only with the National Football League.

Everybody is ready for the unique unpredictability of the NFL. And every team enters the new season with hope.

Last year, 65 percent of the games were within one score (eight points or fewer) in the fourth quarter. Fourteen percent were decided in the final two minutes or overtime. And for the 14th consecutive year, at least five teams made the playoffs after missing out the year before, including the Super Bowl XLIV champion New Orleans Saints.

All the anticipation that started with the NFL Combine last February, heightened by the NFL Draft in April, and peaked with the opening of training camps in July comes to realization this weekend. It’s time to get “Back to Football.”

As the 2010 NFL season kicks off, it comes packed with changes, quests and questions:


It’s tough. It’s happened only eight times since the first Super Bowl in 1967. But the Saints are up for the challenge. “It’s going to be difficult to repeat,” says New Orleans quarterback and Super Bowl XLIV MVP DREW BREES, “but we embrace that challenge. We’re in the business of winning and we have an opportunity to create a legacy here that’s not just about one championship. We see what we have here and it’s something that can be really special.” Continue reading

Buffalo Bills 2009 Season Preview

(Sports Network) – Terrell Owens was on the free agent market for less than four days when the Buffalo Bills came to the rescue and awarded him a one- year, $6.5 million contract on March 8th.

That fact would seem to have much more to do with the Bills than it does with Owens.

That Buffalo was willing to take on a player who had worn out his welcome in a major, headline-grabbing way in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Dallas, and had by association become radioactive to all but a scant handful of franchises, did not deter Bills CEO Russ Brandon and head coach Dick Jauron from pursuing him.

This (almost literal) deal with the devil was prompted by the Bills’ clear desperation to win right now, and to give themselves a chance to avoid a 10th straight season away from the playoffs. Another postseason-free year would very likely lead to Jauron’s firing, a fate which he only narrowly avoided last season, after Buffalo went 2-8 in its final 10 games. Continue reading