Super Bowl XLIX – Patriots – Seahawks Comparison.


While everyone is talking about some deflated balls, or who did it or if they did it or not, if is was Brady or Belichick, or even the referees who holds the balls 2 hours before the game starts, what we need to be asking is, who is going to be the best NFL team to win the Super Bowl XLIX, Patriots or Seahawks, who will make history this year, Brady or Wilson, who has the Continue reading


AFC Championship – New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos.

broncos-patriotsNew England Patriots will be on the road to the AFC Championship the Denver Broncos at he Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver Colorado, the Patriots will face the Broncos at their home and the field advantage its on their hands, but this only part of the challenge, two of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL the battle of their conference Continue reading

The Last Run For the NFL Title 2014.

playoffs-contest-girlsThe NFL season 2013 – 2014 its sadly about to end, and with barely some games left before the Super Bowl on February 2nd , now we have the best of the best fighting for the NFL title to become, not only the champions of their divisions, but also to hold the trophy of the best team on the National Football League, we have some great teams that will be on the battle of the best teams to have the chance of become the 2014 champions and the favorites on the online sportsbook to go for the title are the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers, well as many things in sports can happened, but this are the strongest teams on the NFL as of today. Continue reading

Hard Decisions Everywhere

Written by Karol

istock_decision-cubeThis week I was talking with a child who was having a problem, he told me that he was sad because he bet a “hair cut” if he lose the game (he plays soccer at school) and unfortunately he lost. The kid told me that he was scary at the beginning because he loves his hair but just by an impulse he said yes.

This gave me a reason to think: Hell! Since we are kids we have hard moments thanks to “decisions”; and after a while of circling in my head with all the decisions that we can take, I realize that Sports betting have many hard decisions! Continue reading

Knowing the Rebate Programs at Sportsbooks

Written by Karol

CapturaAs we already know, when we are looking for a reliable sportsbookit is important to take many points in count as the quality of bonuses, the financial situation of the company, the years and experience that it has inside the market, the location of the company, facilities and ability to adopt new trends, benefits that you as a bettor will have, and so on. Continue reading

Take the chance and join a great Sportbook.

logo2Come on, we are all grown ups, and if you are not a then you should read carefully and learn maybe for the future, until you have reach enough age to be able to do it legally, at least if you can, but if not, then you should be thinking about learning all you can, read and watch sports, how they move, how they played, strategies, tactics, history and much more so that maybe, in the future you will be an sportbook fan just as your fathers did, or your grandpa or your grandma or even your mother, your sister your daughter and friends may have at least ones take some sportbook action ones in their life time. Continue reading

The Basics of Sports Betting.

football betting

Most sports fans have consider bet on its favorite sports event at least ones, but sometimes the amount of information they have all over the web related to sports betting its overwhelming and all the different sports betting options the industry has available are based on a variety of systems to calculate the odds and bets. Its important for new bettors to understand the jargon and terms related to sports betting before you understand the rest and be able to make their first bet. So lets take a look at some Sports betting 101.

Continue reading