nflplayoffsThe Last week of the season is here, but there is plenty of action coming our way! Continue reading


NCAA Football – Season Bowls Schedule and Odds.


Just as the professional football world is getting ready for the upcoming season, college football is on the move, as well. If you are a real fan, as many other sports enthusiast out there, it is important for you to know the most relevant dates, schedule and of course Continue reading

Sports Betting for Dummies.


If you are new at sports betting and don’t have a clue about how things work, but you really want you just want to be able to understand sports betting odds, and decode what a favorite, an underdog, over, under or even “juice¨ mean, this explanation of sports betting 101 for dummies is what you´re looking for. It will make it easy for you to understand the most important concepts about sports betting, so pay close attention! Continue reading

Reasons Why Sports Betting is Fun.


We had enjoy sports since we were little kids, remember sitting with my dad on the couch watching games all weekend, going to stadiums, enjoying the BBQ’s at the parking lot, playing with other kids and feeling like we were the best players in the field dreaming about becoming a sports super star. Things are not the same as you grow up Continue reading

Will Costa Rica’s Fairy Tale End Prematurely?

The World Cup’s so called “group of death” – the group containing three previous world champions, England, Italy and Uruguay, as well a fourth contender (Costa Rica) – has been dominated by the team everyone expected to finish last.

Costa Rica is this World Cup’s surprise, and everyone has their eyes on them.

They managed to defeat Uruguay and Italy, and because they had their position almost secured, they Continue reading

Sports Betting Isn’t Rocket Science

Alright people, if you’re new to sports betting or have been losing more than winning for a while, it’s time to start from scratch and define what makes a winning strategy; as well as defining the difference between gambling and investing on sports.

For starters, gambling is the act of placing a bet on an event and hope to win, in other words, it’s based on luck. Investing, whether it’s on education, financial assets, or sports betting, it is based on taking the calculated risk and deciding to embrace such action – or not – based on the potential benefits.

If you are capable of Continue reading

The Best Sports Betting Place to get the Best Action and Great Costumer Service.


You as a bettor as an sports betting fan and sports fan you know the importance of getting the best value out of everything, and this is the value every single customer should have for the loyalty to the best services, products, promotions and customer service you can get Continue reading