nflplayoffsThe Last week of the season is here, but there is plenty of action coming our way! Continue reading


Ways to Become a Great Sportsbook player.


When you actually decide that you want to become a sportbook player there are some things you always have to take under consideration before you can actually be good at Continue reading

Teasers are definitely your best NFL Option.


When talking about sportsbook bets, there are some types that will guarantee you certain advantage and the possibility to move the lines in your favor, and even if you have to risk just a little more Continue reading

It Did What? Secrets About Sportsbook.


Lots of things are said about the whole sportsbook deal, and many people think is bad and can destroyed your life or your will always live miserable in debt, or that you will gamble your house on a poker table, even if is true, and some are, the sportsbook activity is not as bad as you think Continue reading

NFL KickOff and Sportsbook Odds.


The NFL regular season is just around the corner and we all are waiting for kickoff time, actually only a week separates all NFL fans from the moment of truth of this years and we waited enough Continue reading

Will Costa Rica’s Fairy Tale End Prematurely?

The World Cup’s so called “group of death” – the group containing three previous world champions, England, Italy and Uruguay, as well a fourth contender (Costa Rica) – has been dominated by the team everyone expected to finish last.

Costa Rica is this World Cup’s surprise, and everyone has their eyes on them.

They managed to defeat Uruguay and Italy, and because they had their position almost secured, they Continue reading

Sports Betting Isn’t Rocket Science

Alright people, if you’re new to sports betting or have been losing more than winning for a while, it’s time to start from scratch and define what makes a winning strategy; as well as defining the difference between gambling and investing on sports.

For starters, gambling is the act of placing a bet on an event and hope to win, in other words, it’s based on luck. Investing, whether it’s on education, financial assets, or sports betting, it is based on taking the calculated risk and deciding to embrace such action – or not – based on the potential benefits.

If you are capable of Continue reading